Speaking Alert: Resolving IRS Tax Controversies

By Jonathan Prokup

For our readers who are concerned about handling federal tax controversies, from audits and appeals to litigation, Kevin Johnson and I will be speaking next year at a new conference series, “Resolving IRS Tax Controversies, How to Prepare for Audits and Appeals, Resolve IRS Disputes, Mitigate Penalties and Understand Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods.”  The course will provide information covering the entire spectrum of federal tax controversies, including:

  • An overview of the audit process
  • The tier issue program
  • IDRs and summonses
  • The use and significance of privileges
  • Penalty issues and the economic substance statute
  • Managing and resolving transfer pricing controversies
  • Closing an IRS exam
  • Alternatives to litigation
  • Litigation forums and key procedures
  • Interrelationship of IRS audits with financial statement preparation

Sessions will be held on February 14-15 in Las Vegas, on April 11-12 in Chicago, and on June 13-14 in New York City.  More information about the program is available at the BNA/CITE website.

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