Notice 2011-39 And Public Comment On Treasury’s Guidance Priority List

By Jonathan Prokup

As many of our readers probably saw, the IRS recently published Notice 2011-39, inviting public comment on issues to be included on the Treasury Department’s 2011-2012 Guidance Priority List. You can find a copy of the notice here. The Guidance Priority List helps Treasury and the Service identify tax issues to address in the coming year through published guidance – e.g., regulations, revenue rulings, and revenue procedures – with an emphasis on promoting the clarification of ambiguous areas of the law.

In response to the Notice, Chamberlain Hrdlicka intends to submit a comment letter identifying issues we believe should be included on the 2011-2012 Guidance Priority List. In connection with this effort, we are interested in hearing our readers’ views about the issues they would most like to see clarified by the IRS over the course of the next year. If any of our readers do not intend to submit guidance recommendations directly to the Service, we would be happy discuss including those concerns in our comment letter.

Although comments may be submitted to the Service at any time during the year, the Notice requests that recommendations be submitted by June 1st for possible inclusion in the original Guidance Priority List. To enable us to incorporate any additional concerns in our letter, please feel free to contact one of us by Monday, May 16th so that we can discuss specific issues for possible inclusion on the 2011-2012 Guidance Priority List.

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